What Would You Do If Your Pet Went Missing?

What Would You Do If Your Pet Went Missing?

Microchipping has been a revolutionary tool in reuniting lost pets with their loving families. A microchip is device that carries a specific number that can be read by a scanner held at most veterinary clinics and shelters.

Having your pet microchipped is a quick, simple procedure. It is implanted under the skin of a pet, much like how a vaccine is given, except that the needle is larger and there can be some discomfort. Because of this, I often recommend having the microchip implanted while the pet is under anesthesia (i.e. during the spay/neuter process).

It’s a rewarding feeling being able to help pets return to their owners. The most notable case of mine was a female dog found running the streets when a Good Samaritan brought her in to my hospital. I was able to contact her owner through a national database. She had been lost for 2 years, and her owners teared up when I called with the news that she was found and was in good health! Be sure to update your information with the microchip’s manufacturer after every move.

This month, make sure your pet can be returned to you if he or she goes missing. Our microchipping services are 20% off all month long! Book your pet’s appointment today!

– Dr. Amanda Seemann, DVM


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