Protect Your Pet Against Heartworm Disease!

Veterinary Care

Heartworm disease can be prevented… that’s the good news. Unfortunately, the bad news is that it is a very serious and potentially fatal disease in pets.

It only takes one mosquito to spread the disease. Basically, a mosquito bites an infected dog, wolf or fox that already as very tiny baby worms known as microfilaria located in their bloodstream. Then this mosquito carries and transmits the infected blood meal to other pets and wildlife. Over time, the worms continue to develop and grow in the heart, lungs and associated blood vessels causing severe lung disease and heart failure. Heartworm disease is treatable when caught in the early stages but can be very costly.

The great news is that we can protect our pets from this deadly disease with either a monthly chewable or a 6-month injection – a solution that is a lot more affordable then treatment for the disease.

This month, make sure your pet is protected. We are currently offering a great special this month – Free Heartworm test with the purchase of either a 6-month Proheart Injection or a 12-month supply of Heartgard! Book your pet’s appointment today!

— Caroline Vaughan, Hospital Administrator


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