Pet Allergies – Is Your Pet Itching and Scratching All the Time?

Pet Allergies

Pet Allergies- Is Your Pet Suffering?

Chronic allergies plague many people in the Gulf Coast every year. But did you know that your four-legged friends also suffer from environmental allergies? Chronic allergic dermatitis, called Atopy, is a skin disease that afflicts pets, and it tends to be worse during allergy seasons. Atopy causes inflammation in the skin leading to severe itchiness, which in turn creates more inflammation. This itch cycle can lead to significant complications like ear/skin infections, anal gland issues, yeast overgrowth, and conjunctivitis (pink-eye).

To help combat the itch cycle and manage the underlying allergies, Bingle Vet offers comprehensive allergy testing with VARL Laboratories. This simple blood test can help differentiate which environmental triggers, or antigens, your pet is allergic to. After testing, we can also put together an immunotherapy plan. Immunotherapy with either injections or oral serum can desensitize your pet to the antigens present in the environment.  In addition to helping to find relief for your pet, Bingle Vet is proud to offer our clients a FREE MONOGRAMMED BLANKET to all pets undergoing allergy testing in the month of May, 2017.

Don’t hesitate to schedule your appointment today with one of our Veterinarians to discuss your pet’s allergies and if allergy testing is right for you. Click Here to learn more about allergy testing!

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— Andrew Tesh, DVM


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