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Our Veterinarians:

At Bingle Veterinary Clinic, we have several vets on staff. Our veterinarians are passionate about taking care of animals. They take pride in getting to know our clients and providing the best bedside manner. Come see it for yourself. It is not unusual for our doctors to get down on the floor with the patients.

Members of Assocations:

Our veterinarians are members of several associations, including:

  • American Veterinary Medical Association
  • Texas Veterinary Medical Association
  • Harris County Veterinary Medical Association
  • Texas A&M Veterinary Foundation

Dr. Robert Vaughan


Dr. Robert Vaughan graduated from the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine in 1989. After working as an associate veterinarian in Richmond, Texas, for six years, he decided to open his own practice. Bingle Veterinary Clinic was closed for several years before Dr. Vaughan reopened it in September 1995.

With 20 years of experience, Dr. Vaughan has established a strong relationship with many pet owners in the surrounding areas, including Spring Valley and the Memorial Villages. Plus, longtime clients, who have moved out of the area, continue to drive the long distance to see him. Dr. Vaughan continues to devote his time and attention to several rescue groups including, Cocker Spaniel Rescue, Miniature Schnauzer Rescue, Houston Sheltie Sanctuary, Border Collie Rescue of Texas, and Houston Beagle and Hound Rescue.

Dr. Andrew Tesh


Dr. Andrew Tesh has been volunteering or working in veterinary clinics since age 12. In May 2010, he fulfilled his lifelong dream of graduating from Texas A&M with his Doctoral of Veterinary Medicine. His interests include advanced diagnostics, heart health and pain management. He enjoys being a part of the Bingle Vet team.

Dr. Amanda Seemann


Dr. Amanda Seemann is a 2015 graduate of Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine and also completed her Bachelor of Science at LSU. Her passion for veterinary medicine began at an early age learning from her father, who was also veterinarian. Professionally, she is interested in internal medicine, surgery, and critical care.

Although she is a Louisiana native, Dr. Seemann grew to love the Houston area when visiting family members who live in the Energy Corridor. She is joined in Texas by her husband, her whippet, and her two cats. In her free time, she enjoys staying active through long-distance running, yoga, or biking as well as relaxing with a good novel. Dr. Seemann is thrilled to be a part of the Bingle Vet team!


Caroline Vaughan

Hospital Administrator

Caroline Vaughan graduated from Louisiana State University and earned a Master of Science degree in Marketing in 1995. After six years of being a Project Director for a local marketing research firm, she decided to join her husband at Bingle Vet. Over the last 19 years, Caroline's goal has been to create a first-class veterinary practice with a focus on excellent patient care and exceptional service. She believes that a client's visit is all about the experience when they walk in our doors to when they leave. Another extraordinary thing that Caroline implemented was our 10-min Guarantee - she does not believe that clients should have to be waiting a long time before their pet is seen by one of our professionals. She wants her clients to become Raving Fans and to always call if there are ever any problems or concerns. She believes that when you become a client at Bingle Vet you become a part of our family. Her latest accomplishment is building a Veterinary Franchise model - her goal is to bring the veterinary practice back to the doctors.

Evelyn Ortuno

Clinic Administrative Assistant - Katy

Evelyn grew up in Pasadena, Texas, where she attended Texas A&M University and received her Bachelor's in Animal Science with a certification in Equine Science. She currently owns a Chihuahua mix named Chanel (who's a character), and she would like to own a French Bulldog in the future. She chose to work in the veterinary medicine industry due her to passion for animals, which she's had since childhood. Being able to work in this industry makes her feel like she's making a difference in animals' lives. With joining the Bingle Vet team, she looks forward to creating strong bonds with pets and their parents, and making work a positive, fun environment.

Team Leads

Elena Alfaro

Veterinary Technician - Team Supervisor

Elena has a huge heart when it comes to animals. She has three fur-babies: two dogs named Fluffy and Lobo and a rescue cat named Kitty. Animals have been her passion since she was a little girl, so when she got older, she knew that she wanted to go into the veterinary field. Elena recently decided to enroll in school and become a veterinary technician, and she loves every minute of it. She could not be happier!

Wendy Boegler

Animal Care Specialist - Team Supervisor

Wendy has been around animals all her life, so being part of the team at Bingle Vet is perfect for her. She has two dogs of her own, Jack and Sadie, who she adores. Wendy has a very outgoing personality, which makes her a great fit as an Animal Care Specialist because she loves giving clients and guests a great experience with our resort and spa. Her favorite part about being an Animal Care Specialist is the fact that she gets to make guests and their owners feel like they are part of a family when they come to Bingle Vet, whether it’s for a spa day or for a stay in our resort!

Dayna Zelaya

Client Concierge - Team Leader

Dayna has always loved animals. Currently, she and her family have 5 dogs (Rocco, Zoe, Rex, Roxy, and Tank), 3 cats, and two bunnies! Most of her pets are strays that she and her family have taken in. She loves meeting and interacting with our clients!

Veterinary Technicians / Assistants

Madalyn Deason

Veterinary Technician

Madalyn has always loved animals. Most of the television she watched as a kid was Animal Planet. She chose to work in this industry because she wanted to do anything she could to help animals. She enjoys being on the Bingle Vet team because she is learning a lot from the veterinarians and technicians who are very knowledgeable.

Ilana Weber

Veterinary Technician

Ilana is originally from Mexico City, so she is bilingual in both English and Spanish. She grew up with cats and is mostly a cat person. At home, she has a Siberian Husky and a calico cat. Ilana graduated from Vet Tech Institute of Houston two years ago. Her dream job was to work with animals - to help them, as they can't talk or care for themselves. She is very passionate about animals and wishes to help them get better and healthier. Every animal that comes in our clinic brightens her day, and she is excited to be part of the Bingle Vet team!

Alison Grigor

Veterinary Tech Assistant

Alison has always had a deep love for animals. After studying at Texas Tech University, she has now decided to follow her passion and work with animals. She owns a dog named Cooper. Her favorite part of being on the Bingle Vet team is having the ability to care for others' fur babies.

Samantha Rosier

Veterinary Tech Assistant

While growing up on a farm, Samantha was always intrigued by animals. Big or small, she loved them all. For as long as she can remember, she has wanted to be a veterinarian and to be the person to help animals. To this day, she has chosen to work in the veterinary medicine industry for this reason.

Tonia Aksionava

Veterinary Tech Assistant

Tonia has worked in the field of human medicine in the past, and she is very excited to switch to veterinary medicine! It has always been her dream to work with animals, and she enjoys getting to love and care for our clients' pets. She currently owns two cats as well as two dogs - one American Mastiff/Lab mix and one American/English Bulldog mix.

Kayla Neissl

Veterinary Technician - Katy

Kayla recently graduated from the Vet Tech Institute, and her goal is to work with as many different types of animals as she can. She loves exotic pets and working with something unfamiliar. She chose the veterinary medicine industry because it brings her happiness - she always knew that she wanted to work with animals. So far Kayla's favorite thing about the team at Bingle Vet is their kindness and willingness to welcome new faces!

Ricky Wagner

Veterinary Technician - Katy

Ricky has been pursuing a career in veterinary medicine for most of his life. He moved to Texas from Kansas in 2019 after graduating with a Bachelor's Degree in Animal Science and Industry from Kansas State University. He plans to eventually go back to school for his DVM and would love to work in the field of emergency medicine, as well as zoo animal medicine. His experiences range from clinical, laboratory, and zoo animal settings. He chose this industry because he has a strong passion for animals, science, and caring for others.

Animal Care Specialists

Chris Peake

Animal Care Specialist

Chris' mother made sure that he had compassion for animals from an early age. His family always had pets and often went to local animal shelters to volunteer. His time helping at shelters gave him a deep understanding of the impact of mistreating animals, as well as the importance of pet adoption. He wants our clients to know that the he and all the other members of the Bingle Vet team take their jobs very seriously, and that our clients' pets are in good hands. The Bingle Vet team treats them like family, because they are.

Jazmin Castellon

Animal Care Specialist

As a child, Jazmin always saw herself having a job that dealt with animals. If you asked seven-year-old Jazmin what she wanted to be when she grew up, her answer would be to work at a vet! It didn't matter what position she'd be working in, all she wanted was to be surrounded by animals. Now that she is working at a vet clinic, she is very happy - not just because she gets to work with all the precious dogs and cats - but because she gets to learn and grow in a place where she feels very lucky and comfortable. She's never been a part of a team that was so strong and with a great vision for not just the employees, but for the clients as well. She is learning that Bingle Vet is all about being part of a big family, including the clients, which we grow to have a connection with.

Peter Mercado

Animal Care Specialist - Katy

I have always loved animals and have been fascinated with them throughout my life. I have had multiple dogs, all of them being big boxers. I love working with all types of animals big and small, and look forward to working with many more!

Shyler Thompson

Animal Care Specialist

I have always wanted to work in a vet clinic. I have two dogs and their names are Iris and Bission - they are my life and I love them so much. Before I started here, I worked in a doggie daycare/boarding facility. On my days off, I like to hang out in my bed with my pups and my fiancé. The reason I wanted this job is because I want to help the lives of many pups.

Edvardo Sandoval

Animal Care Specialist

Ever since I had my own job it felt great being able to provide for myself. Over time it felt like I was stuck in the same routine for years. However, now that I am employed here at Bingle Vet, it feels like I'm making a difference; caring and helping for the owner's pets, it's a positive feeling.

Daniel Figueroa

Animal Care Specialist - Katy

I chose to be an Animal Care Specialist because animals deserve to be cared for by someone who actually cares for them. If I were a client I would want to know that the employees love my pet as much as I do. I love animals, dogs in specific because they are the most common pet I get to see, giving me chances to pet a lot of them. I will always be patient and cautious with every pet that comes in, no matter their situation, loving them no different from others.

James Almendarez

Animal Care Specialist - Katy

I have always loved animals since I was young. The feeling of taking good care of another living being is the most rewarding thing to me.

Client Concierge / Sales Representative Team

Laura Reagan

Client Concierge

Laura has loved pets her whole life and has always wanted to work with them. She started out watching furry family members for friends, but was excited to join the veterinary clinic work force. She has a blue heeler named Sir and a cat named Emmet at home. She notes that they are both total princes and complete characters! She is excited to continue to work with animals and meeting new furry friends.

Caitlin Zeiger

Client Concierge

Caitlin chose Bingle Vet because she was looking for a fun work environment to take care of fur babies. She has a Husky of her own and she says it's definitely like having a teenager in the house, he is so opinionated. Caitlin believes working with a group of people that share the same kind of interest as her makes life easier! She looks forward to growing with the team at Bingle Vet.

William Diaz

Client Concierge

Ever since elementary school William has had a fascination with animals. He has always had dogs and cats, and at one time owned a hamster. At the moment he owns two dogs that he's very attached to. William chose to work in this industry because animals are a man's best friend, and helping animals in any way in the best joy of all. He chose Bingle Vet as his workplace after his older brother enjoyed the great service and happy environment when bringing his dog in for a visit. He feels that everyone that Bingle Vet is very friendly and kind to one another.

Carolina Cortez

Client Concierge - Katy

Carol is a Houston native that enjoys spending time with her family, including their adorable Chihuahua named Cookie. Carol has had many pets in her family since childhood, so she understands that keeping pet parents happy and informed during their visit is important. With her background in customer service and office management, she’s always a friendly face and helpful part of the Bingle Vet team for all pets and their families.

Belen Victoria Calle

Client Concierge

Since Victoria was little, she has always said that she was going to be a vet. Now, she is working towards that dream. She has two dogs; Blue a pitbull who is 6 years old and Cash a cane corso who is 2 years old. She loves learning about dogs and their behaviors. On her free time, you can find her watching animal planet or pet training videos for dogs.

Leah Quintanilla

Client Concierge - Katy

Leah has been married for eight years now. She has two sons and one fur baby; an adopted black cat. She chose the veterinary industry because pets are basically big babies, and she has so much love to give them!

Amie Ruiz

Client Concierge - Katy

Amie is a first timer in the veterinary industry but she was so impressed by her own personal experience that she had to be a part of this amazing team! She has 8 years in the customer service industry and she is a Fur Momma to 2 rescue pups, 2 cats and a horse! Animals have always been a big part of her life and she's so grateful to be in an environment where every day is a new learning experience!

Priscila Chavez

Client Concierge

Ever since Priscila was around 12 years old she knew she wanted to work with animals. Her family has always had pets, from bunnies to birds. She honestly just wants to be able to help animals. She says that she is more of a cat person. Priscila loves her two cats Venus and Flex. She also has a dog named Pixie. Priscila says that Pixie is like the mom dog to all the pets. She notes that if she was a client of Bingle Vet, she would want to know that the employees treat all pets like their own. Her favorite thing about being on the team is that she can expand her knowledge about pets everyday.

Interns and Veterinary Students

Victoria Vaughan

Hospital Administrative Assistant - Katy / Ross Veterinary School Student

Victoria was born in Austin, Texas but grew up in Greenbrier, Arkansas. She has a big heart for animals and has always enjoyed working with her family at Bingle Vet from a young age. In her spare time she loves to take her younger siblings to the zoo, work out at the gym, and run – she is currently training for the Houston Marathon! Victoria received her Bachelor’s degree in Biology in May, and is now working full time at Bingle Vet. What she likes most about being part of the team is the positive feeling she gets from being around each and every team member. She also loves being able to interact with clients on a daily basis and build relationships with them, but her favorite thing about working at Bingle Vet is that she truly has the opportunity to make a difference in pets’ lives every single day no matter what department she is working with. Her goal is to go to veterinary school to obtain a DVM degree and open a veterinary clinic of her own in the future!

Rachel St. Martin

Client Concierge - Summer Hire

Ever since she was old enough to remember, she has always want to have a dog because they were her favorite animal. Once she finally got a dog, her love for them only grew stronger. Currently she has two dogs who are apart of her family. Rachel's love for her dogs and dogs in general is why she is interested in the veterinary medicine for the summer.

Collin Leisz

Veterinary Tech Assistant

Colin has finished his first year at SGU Veterinary School and received his degree in Biomedical Sciences at Texas A&M University. He is excited to get hands-on experience and work for a practice in his home town of Houston. He hops to own his own practice one day. Colin grew up with Italian Greyhounds, lizards, snakes, fish, pigeons and hamsters in his household.

Emerald Rodriguez

Summer Intern / Texas A&M Student

Emerald is currently a student at Texas A&M University and in the process of applying to Texas A&M's veterinary school. She hopes to become a veterinarian in the coming years. She can spend her days assisting clients with their pet's needs. She loves that everyone at Bingle Vet is so friendly and welcoming, and she believes that's why clients also really love this clinic. Emerald has two small dogs and a cat, but in the future she hopes to own a larger breed dog.

Haydee Martinez

Summer Intern / Texas A&M Student

Haydee is currently a student at Texas A&M University, and she plans to apply to vet school in the future. She has always had a passion for animals, and cats are her favorite type of pet. She enjoys working with the doctors at Bingle Vet, because she learns something new every day. Veterinary medicine is very important to Haydee due to its positive impact on everyday pets. She feels very thankful to work at Bingle Vet and get experience in her field.

Michelle O'Bert

Summer Intern / Texas A&M Student

Michelle is currently going into her third year of vet school at Texas A&M University. Her passion for veterinary medicine stemmed back from elementary school, when she aspired to work with chimpanzees like Jane Goodall. She loves working with every animal imaginable, but especially enjoys the company of dogs. She has two Standard Poodles named Lilly and Sole, who are great to cuddle with. By working at Bingle Vet, she hopes to give every pet a great vet visit experience.

Tatyana Guy

Summer Intern / Texas A&M Student

Tatyana is currently a student at Texas A&M University attending the veterinary program. We are so excited for Tatyana as she continues to focus on her dreams.

Asucena Ochoa

Summer Intern / Texas A&M Student

Asucena Ochoa went to Texas A&M for her Animal Science undergraduate degree with a minor in Chemistry. She worked with Bingle Vet for a year before going off to Veterinary School at Texas A&M in 2018. She is considering working as a mixed animal practitioner specifically within the dairy industry. She loves all kinds of animals and is excited to continue her veterinary experience.

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